Friday, February 12, 2010

The Hamas pediatrician and the Baroness

It is well known that Lady Tonge has had a long-standing love for Hamas. She is on the record as praising Hamas leaders.

But what most people don't know is that Hamas' former head, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, was a pediatrician!

Could Rantisi have been funneling innocent Palestinian children to the Baroness for her alleged kiddie orgies?

It seems unlikely, but the evidence is certainly building up, and the rumours show no signs of stopping anytime soon. More and more people are demanding a full, independent investigation so that Jenny Tonge can clear her name from these scurrilous accusations that are popping up on the Internet, including on sites that are hosted by Google itself.


  1. This is an abominable smear campaign against a very brave woman who has had the courage to speak out against the outrages Israel perpetrates everyday against the Palestinian people. It would be a better use of your time, those of you who are sick enough to accuse Baroness Tonge of child abuse, to read what in fact is going on on a daily basis in Gaza and the West Bank. There are endless excellent sites online that deal with reality, not someones sick fantasy of sexual abuse.
    I happened to have spent time with Jenny Tonge and her husband in the West Bank 2 years ago and your supposed "allegations" would be a joke if they weren't so sickening.
    Get a life you sickos.
    Nancy Elan

  2. Well Nancy, Your friend Tonge seems to have raped an invalid. Not saying it's true but with more than 9000 results in Google it's best to investigate for the sake of being sure.

    Aren't you ashamed to be associated with a putative rapist of the mentally disabled?

  3. Were they 'kiddie orgies' as you claim or SATANIC RITUALS? I demand a full investigation!

  4. Actually, the rumour is that she and a series of child pornographers have secretly photographed sexual trysts involving her and a series of 12 year olds of both sexes. I personally don't believe that to be true, but it's so shocking that clearly there needs to be a serious investigation of her activities over the past several years.

  5. Nancy!
    Two can play at this game...

    The Bible says:
    Whatsoever a man soweth,
    That shall he also reap!

  6. Nancy you're calling us sick?! Are you defending Tonge for her alleged child abuse?
    In fact, I believe that that's the real reson she was sacked. When has anyone ever been sacked for saying something bad about Israel? Exactly. It must be that they've found evidence of her child abuse and are keeping it quiet so as not to cause her further embarassement.

  7. Nancy, in the past we Jews were accused of using the blood of Christian children to make matzos. Right before the holiday of Pesach/Passover, this libel would spread like wildfire and Jews would be killed because of it. Do you believe that?? Thousands of people did. And these libelous accusations continue to this day.

  8. Hortense GuggleheimerFebruary 13, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    I spoke to someone who read in a paper that she was associated with kidnaping children from Haiti in order to satisfy her depraved lust. Personally I can't believe it but then again there is no smoke without fire.

  9. Your accusation cannot be taken seriously. I do admit that Blogger and Google are formidable sources but neither Hamas nor Hezbollah have not published any opinion pieces on this subject.

    No investigation is warranted unless Hamas thinks so.

  10. Nancy, who do you mean when you write "those of you who are sick enough to accuse Baroness Tonge of child abuse"?

    No-one here has accused Baroness Tonge of child abuse. On the contrary, all the comments I've read say they DON'T believe these rumours, which are indeed scurrilous. But given the mounting evidence, don't you think--in the Baroness's own best interests, of course--that there should be a full and thorough investigation by an independent party so that the Baroness's good name can be cleared?

    That's all anyone is asking for. Why are you and the Baroness's other supporters so opposed to clearing her name? I didn't believe these horrible rumours before, but your attitude is beginning to make me wonder if there's some fire to cause all that smoke after all.

  11. Nancy, I'm not saying that it could be true but a man I know said he saw a video on YouTube of a man who said that he knew that Jenny Tonge had kidnapped children and then had various 'dalliances' with them. He said that he heard the man on YouTube say that a child had been interviewed and had said that this was true. Could it possibly be? There has to be some sort of investigation. No? You don't think so? I mean, where's the truth when you want it spoken?