Thursday, February 11, 2010

More evidence

If you Google "Jenny Tonge molest" you get nearly 3000 hits.

There is clearly something there that needs to be investigated. Google doesn't lie!


  1. I've spoken with Palestinian children who are about 7 years old. They described a British woman who fits Tongues description who has been luring children into her car by promising them Kalashnikovs and RPGs. The whole thing smacks of pederasty. Tongue may have something to answer for. At the very least she knows how to attract Arab kids and exploit them.

  2. I want to emphasize that your personal experience is not proof; we need to look at this much more closely. But the evidence does add up over time.

  3. Are the LibDem party leaders taking note of this ?

    Is Clegg happy about very serious allegations being waved around ? Even if they have nil foundation ?

  4. I am the recording and travel/reservations assistant for Her Ladyship, and I can categorically state that I know nothing about this.

    Anyways, there were no "kalashnikovs and RPGs" involved, at most, they were lured with Makarov 9mm Pist----DOH!

  5. I am shocked at the suggestions of any impropriety by the Baroness Tongue. She has been both my personal confidant and financial advisor for years. Had there been any wrong doings I would certainly been aware of them.

  6. I think that it is utterly inappropriate for a person suspected as being a pederast to sit in the House of Lords. Therefore Baroness Tonge's should be suspended until a thorough investigation of her alleged perversities conducted by an independent authority, preferably nominated by the President of the European Council, proves the baselessness of such rumours.

    I would like to add that personally I cannot believe that Baroness Tonge is a pederast yet I do think that, as a matter of principle. the Baroness being a prominent public figure. every effort should be made to dispel such ugly allegations.


  7. I do not for a moment believe that anyone in such a high position as a Peer of the Realm can be guilty of such conduct. But one must consider the decades of molestation and abuse carried out by Catholic priests in Ireland who were similarly "above suspicion", and for the sake of her good name, Lady Tonge MUST disprove once and for all the allegations of abuse which, I believe , are being unfairly levelled against her.

  8. Whilst unable to comment on the veracity of Jenny Tong's alleged pedeastry, I can categorically state what is common knowledge in the corridors of Whitehall; the Baroness is not averse to baksheesh from certain interested Middle Eastern parties. This should not surprise anyone, it's normal practice in the Levant.

    Nick Cleg, leader of the LibDems, must order an immediate and thorough investigation into her Ladyship's private finances. And if any impropriety is detected, as I suspect it will; she must in the best interests of the once great party, be spewed out from our midst. (From a concerned Liberal)

  9. Why don't you investigate your beloved Israel's crime against humanity ainstead of this nonsense.
    Jenny Tonge is a marvellous person and I am proud to have her as a friend
    Tom Eisner

  10. What a fabulous tactic! A brave, principled woman demands that we learn the truth, but instead of worrying about the truth, you fabricate a character assassination. Oh, for the good old days when good people just got called Commies!
    Thomas Suarez

  11. This is an abominable smear campaign against a very brave woman who has had the courage to speak out against the outrages Israel perpetrates everyday against the Palestinian people. It would be a better use of your time, those of you who are sick enough to accuse Baroness Tonge of child abuse, to read what in fact is going on on a daily basis in Gaza and the West Bank. There are endless excellent sites online that deal with reality, not someone's sick fantasy of sexual abuse.
    I happened to have spent time with Jenny Tonge and her husband in the West Bank 2 years ago and your supposed "allegations" would be a joke if they weren't so pathetic.
    Get a life you sickos.
    Nancy Elan

  12. There was once a foolish old hag
    Who wiggled her TONGE like a bag,
    She uttered and muttered
    Slimy poison ahe spluttered,
    Delighting those kin to her drag.


    But it will not stop that evil tongue from lashing.

  14. Poor Nancy Elan. She plays her violin in tune with the British anti semites and Jew haters hoping that it will immunize her against the toxic jew-hating atmosphere that the Brits call antizionism. It won't work Nancy, as generations of collaborators have discovered to their dismay. Good luck anyway and -- try and have a sense of humor. It will get you through the coming trials

  15. Nancy said:
    "I happened to have spent time with Jenny Tonge and her husband in the West Bank 2 years ago..."

    First kiddy fiddling. Now group sex? I don't believe a word of it. I mean, just look at the old battleaxe! No one in their right mind...

  16. Hortense GuggleheimerFebruary 13, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    That last post is so unkind, after all she can't help being ugly. I heard that all that bile bubbling inside her, has corroded her complexion and when the wind blew she got stuck with that face that is why she needs young children.

  17. "Why don't you investigate your beloved Israel's crime against humanity ainstead of this nonsense. Tiny Tom"

    Excellent idea, Tommy, and you can start here:

  18. " fabricate a character assassination.
    Thomas Suarez-Punta"

    Oh? You have proof of this?

  19. Doesn't Nancy Elan work with ISM to smuggle weapons to Gaza?

  20. The Baroness has alleged that Israel harvested Haitian organs during the aftermath of the earthquake. Other than her assertion there has been no independent verification of her accusation. This site has received numerous statements with both direct and indirect evidence of her corruption from many people. However, her activities have yet to be reported in the media and Parliament has not indicated any interest in an investigation into allegations of her heinous crimes. Is the entire British government colluding in a possible coverup. It took many years for the Irish government to expose the Church's failure to protect vulnerable children. Is this a pattern in British political life as well? Something is truly rotten here when an unsupported allegation about Israel is widely reported, yet dozens of allegations about member of the House of Lords are simply ignored. I have lost my faith in British justice.

  21. I have several eyewitness' who will swear to seeing:
    a.) Jenny Tonge, dressed up as Mrs. Peacock
    b.) doing Nancy Elan, in her favorite role as Miss Scarlett, the innocent, bi-curious teenager, whilst her bums are propped up on the Sofa,
    c.) with the candlestick (battery-powered, of course)
    d.) with Col. Mustard in attendance.....

    I'm not sure how reliable these witnesses are, I'm just puttin' it all out there.....there's been talk, you know.....