Sunday, February 14, 2010

Palestine Telegraph adds fuel to the fire

This screenshot comes from the Palestine Telegraph:
Even though the Telegraph is trying hard to distance Jenny Tonge from controversy, notice how they illustrate their defence of her: by showing a picture of a Palestinian child! This can only add to the so-far unfounded rumors of her unhealthy interest in young Palestinian children.

Not only that, but the words in the article reveal more than the author intended:

"Baronness Jenny Tonge was truly a highly moral and ethical lady...."

So even her staunchest defenders admit that she is not currently a moral nor ethical lady!

This is a truly damning statement by a highly respected media outlet, known for digging through such sources as YouTube to get its scoops.

Certainly, only a full independent investigation can clear Lady Tonge's name.


  1. Actually, the latest belief of many in Gaza is that she has taken many of their children for days at a time to secret hideaways in Malta for group sex involving her, vaious animals including goats and sheep, and large collies - of course I know these to be untrue statments, and don't believe them for a minute, but they certainly should be investigated to clear her good name once and for all.

  2. i am truly thankful that you have set up this web site to expose the rumours surrounding ms tonge. the more people who hear of these allegedly unfounded rumours, the more people will be outraged enough to rally against her and demand a full legal inquiry into her purported crimes. i think your next step should be to post a video of these allegations on youtube, because in the absence of a youtube video there would be no evidence to support these allegations and therefore no reason to launch an inquiry. therefore i think its absolutely crucial that you publish a video and let the world know of ms tonge's possible abuses as soon as possible.

    although a legal investigation may conclude that ms tonge is innocent, the damage will be done anyway. and since our goal in the first place is not the truth, but only to blacken ms tonge's name and inflame hateful sentiment against her so that she can be delegitimized and destroyed, then we will have won.

  3. This is truly shameful, all Baroness Tonge did is call for transparency in Haiti. Unlike the accusations against Ms.Tonge, the Isrealis have a proven history of organ theft. The character assasination of T.West and Ms.Tonge is low, the agression and ferocity of the response I think clearly shows the accusations are hitting a bit too close to home.

    You zionists had better wake up. Obama is in the white house now and called for an end to construction in Jerusalem, and all the illegal settlements.

  4. Bruce, is it possible you've gone all wacky bacause you're in those tapes with the children, Tonge, and the animals; now I personally don't believe for a second that you are, but I think you'd better join Tonge in a call for self investigation, I don't know how else you can clear your name and protect yourself from the animosity of your (former?) friends and family. So for your sake I'm joining you in the call for the investigation to prove those rumours about you, the animals, little children and Tonge are untrue.

  5. Shouldn't Baroness Tonge be required to prove that she is indeed a woman? Consider the evidence of our own eyes. I admit that they only show a grossly gender-challenged individual, but the Baroness is asking us to believe that she is a woman. I demand that she prove that she is one, directly, and before the public!

  6. @Bruce,

    "... the isrealis [sic] have a proven record of organ theft. ..."

    [serious, for a moment]
    Bruce, you see how pernicious these rumours are? There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that the Israelis have engaged in organ theft. None whatsoever. It is an entirely baseless, vicious lie. The Swedish newspaper that published these slanderous allegtions has been most embarrassed by the whole affair. Nevertheless, you have accepted them as truth. Ask yourself .. why? Why have I believed this untruth? Why have I allowed myself to be led down this garden path? Could it be that I (heaven forbid) harbour some antisemitic tendencies of my own?

    If is FAR more likely that Baroness Tonge has been cavorting with underage Palestinian boys - something that I do not believe to be true. At all.

    Makes you think, though, doesn't it?


  7. There is plenty of proof: Dr.Yahuda Hiss, as T.West elucidated, already admitted to, that it is practiced, removing the Organs of Palestinians. Yahuda Hiss REMAINS the chief pathologist, after these admissions, this is as clear as it gets - the Isreali government endorses his practice of organ theft.

    And then you bring baseless accusations against me, in an effort to destroy my character because you know the facts are against you. It is very simple.

  8. Oh yeah, I don't know if you Isreal-apologists realize this, but I also don't have any proof that YOU are not traffiking in underage children or whatever. That cuts both ways...

  9. Bruce, starting to feel the heat?

  10. Bruce, I hope you'll soon consider selling your Nazi Memorabilia/Underwear collection. Otherwise, I'll have to expose your fetish to the World......I would highlight the picture of you in that lacy, Black strapless that Hermann Goering used to wear. You have the most comical look of surprise, as if you didn't expect your gay lover from Bolton (who took most of the pix) to find you with that group of 16-year-olds......

  11. Anonymous, I don't believe a word of the accusations you made against Bruce, but since you have made them, and particularly since you offered no proof, in order to clear his name Bruce will have to submit to a full investigation of your charges, that's the only way to clear the air. Unfortunately Bruce, the charge once having been made, it is now your obliation to show they are not true; I'm sure you will join in asking for a a review of your entire life for the last 12 years.

  12. Is that really a bottle of mineral water she has on her desk? Now I don't for one minute believe that it contains drugs with which to corrupt and take advantage of Palestinian children, but I would feel much happier if a full chemical analysis were published.