Friday, February 12, 2010

Troubling comment from Baroness Tonge

In the House of Lords debates on Wednesday morning Baroness Tonge asked a shocking question:

"To ask Her Majesty's Government how they are assisting the 37,000 pregnant women in Haiti to receive adequate antenatal and postnatal care and a clean and safe delivery."

Given the unfounded - and yet continuing - rumors of Baroness Tonge's history of molesting small children, especially those who have been disadvantaged from birth, this request comes dangerously close to appearing as if the Baroness is actively planning to create the next generation of victims for her allegedly perverted and sick desires.

As a public figure, Jenny Tonge must not only be above reproach, but must appear to be above reproach. This request shows a shocking lack of judgment on her part, and it only adds fuel to the fire of the unfair and yet never disproven rumors of her disgusting appetites.

She needs to come clean and prove the rumors wrong, for her own sake.


  1. Great initiative!

  2. I heard that Jenny Tonge is really a man. If we don't know the truth about this, how we can we believe anything she says?

  3. Nick Clegg, who is leader of the Liberal Dhimmicrat party, of which Her Ladyship Baroness Tonge is a life peer has sprung to her defence!

    Clegg: Tonge 'ludicrous but not racist'

    "Speaking exclusively to the JC, Mr Clegg said that Baroness Tonge had admitted herself that the comments were a “mistake”.

    He said: “I’ve already made it quite clear that not only do I think it’s ludicrous and offensive but more than that, she’s admitted herself that she thinks it’s ludicrous to suggest an investigation is needed into something that is nonsense. "

    I believe we need an immediate investigation to determine what is nonsense and what isn't!

    To say that Tonge isn't an antisemite is ludicrous nonsense!

  4. Given the apparent level of her intelligence, it is obvious that any school certificates above the elementary level must be false. I demand an investigation into these blatant forgeries.

    Also, it is clear from her advanced age she is suffering from some mental disease so she is resentful of the fact that no transplant can help.

  5. The esteemed T. West of Youtube fame told me the Baroness Tonge was seen purchasing Haitian children for use in sex slavery several weeks ago.

  6. Baroness Tonge is on record for saying had she been a Palestinian she would have become a suicide bomber. Could she not oblige us all and become an honorary Gazan just long enough to blow herself to smithereens, before she ever reached her destination. The question would arise though, does she qualify as a shahid? And if so, what would be her reward - 72 doe-eyed virgins would hardly do in her case, but 72 Palestinian boys with toy Kalashnikovs certainly would.

  7. A man in a pub told me that when he was in the West Bank with Tonge that she and Abbas had a three-way with a young boy. The boy was about ten and named Mohammed. I am sure that this is not true, but certainly it must be investigated.